Mirbest pályázat

  • beneficiary’s name: MIRBESZ Kft.
  • project’s title: „MIRBEST” Central European Gastro-Innovation Cluster building international business partnerships
  • the amount of the contracted support: HUF 16,722,675
  • the rate of support (%): 75%
  • physical termination of the project: 20.05.2019
  • project ID number: GINOP-1.3.2-15-2018-00034

Description of the project

The Gastro Expo international conference and partners meeting was organized by the Mirbest Central European Gastro-Innovation Cluster on the 13th and 14th of May 2019 at the National Sports Hall in Budapest.

An 8,000 square-metre area was provided for cluster members to introduce themselves. Guests included professionals and the decision-makers of international and national enterprises from the HORECA segment, typically major figures of the culinary profession.

Guests had a chance to get acquainted with the products which were developed jointly by the cluster members, as well as learn more about the innovation activities within the cluster, regarding food safety development.

As a part of the programme, the cluster chefs presented the potential use of new products in line with the current culinary trends.

The principal researcher of Seqomics Kft. held a presentation on the combined diagnostic method in the field of food counterfeiting and food safety. The method was developed in a consortium partnership by the cluster members and the Biological Research Center (Szeged) of the Hungarian Academy of Science.

During the two-day event, many successful meetings were held between the hosts and their partners and partner candidates.

We also created a web interface for registration: www.gasztroexporegisztracio.hu

We kept a record of the foreign participants with a form signed by the foreign participants.

We succeeded in creating a successful, high-quality event.


In the framework of a tender titled “The introduction of a corporate process management system at MIRBESZ Kft.” Mirbesz Kft. has introduced an integrated corporate governance system, and has procured various IT-hardware, software and servers. The investment has been realized in the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan, the total cost of the development was 25,000,000 HUF, out of which the amount received from the tender was 10,000,000 HUF.

The project has been completed from EU funds, with co-founding from the European Regional Development Fund.

At Mirbesz Kft. we have introduced the SAP Business One integrated corporate governance system.

The system includes the following modules:

  • Procurement, logistics area
  • Corporate CRM, sales area
  • Finance and controlling

Furthermore, we have purchased the following server softwares:

  • 1 WinSvrStd 2008R2 SNGL OLP NL operation system
  • 6 FQC-00222 Win Pro 7 Hungarian DVD operating systems
  • 4 SAP Business One Professional license

In the framework of the project the following hardware have been purchased:

  • 6 Dell Optiplex 390MT servers
  • 4 DLL L025520107E Latitude E5520 notebooks

In March 2003 Mirbesz Kft. and its associated companies have established the group to make sure that in a very competitive market environment the members could have access to the necessary quick-frozen commodity funds in an organized and safe way.

Within the Mirbesz group the main profile of Mirbesz Kft. is the procurement, warehousing and distribution of quick-frozen products for the member companies.

Mirbesz Kft. operates on the European procurement markets, however, when it comes to the procurement of goods bases, we prefer Hungarian supply sources. However, in the case of certain goods, due to weather, production and geographical conditions, we procure our goods base from abroad.

The members of Mirbesz Kft. operate the MIRBESZ group, which today consists of already 8 member companies, with a purpose to invest in the industry. Our member companies mainly deal with the wholesale of quick-frozen and pre-chilled food, covering the whole of Hungary. They have their own depots, network of sales representatives and vehicle fleets for transportation.

The market/our customer base: Hotels located in Hungary, commercial catering, catering (HORECA), mass catering and the retail market.

The main idea behind Mirbesz Group's supplier and distributor system is to organize the distribution of quick-frozen products in a more rational manner, by passing on a fair share of advantages from agreements to the customers. As there are more members within the group, we are able to purchase at a better price, thereby making it possible for our members to offer their products to their customers at better prices. The above purpose is also served by offering 3-5 products a month at a maximized price, across the whole country. (For more information on group discounts, contact our member companies)