Our cluster was founded on 30 January, 2013.
Five medium-sized businesses who had business relationships with each other decided to expand the previous activities of a “purchasing” company and develop them into a professionally operating cluster organisation. Today, we have member companies from almost all regions of the country. We have 20 members. The cluster is made up exclusively from SMEs, from medium-sized businesses to small businesses. The portfolio of products distributed or manufactured by us can be viewed by clicking on the respective tab of the page. Our innovation activities are directed towards two main directions, one of which is food quality testing and assurance and the other one iw the optimization of energy use.
Our members:
Short name of the company and name of the representative
Halker Kft.
Gregorics László
Kedvenc Jm Kft.
Jakab Róbert Ervin
Sió Friss Kft.
Gregorics László
Kárpátia Logisztikai Kft.
Danka Gábor
Mirbesz Kft
Baráth Zoltán
Paladin-2003 Bt
Türgyei János
Prémium Fish Kft.
Nagyné Novák Éva
Árvai Húsműhely Kft.
Árvai Károly
Baromfiudvar 2002 Kft.
Czírbusz István
Mirkom s.r.o
Tomas Bilko
Astro-21 Kft.
Szóger Krisztina
HMD Kft.
Taradán Zdenkó
Helit Kft.
Sipos Tamás, Ifj. Gödry Zoltán
Fors Fortis Kft.
Szóger Ákos
Spilák Kft.
Spilák Bence
Jégszilánk Kft
Papp Norbert
Mirbest Trading Office Kft.
Tőkey Tamás
Kaffka Kft.
Mezey István
Szent István Egyetem, Gödöllő
Dr. Urbányi Béla
Four4fly Kft.
Szóger Ákos
Cluster events
In the following you can find a chronological list of events planned and already organized by the Mirbest Cluster supporting sales and value creation, where we supported mainly the work of trade, logistics and warehouse technology, and where our own brands received a central role - to help brand development - and where we train our colleagues to the best sales techniques and create a STRONG AND POWERFUL TEAM. We intend to create a truly usefully operating organisation where instead of empty, formal encounters useful activities can be realized which support and improve daily cooperation. Therefore, we place great emphasis on achieving that primarily the professionals of the member companies can have an opportunity to exchange ideas and to establish well-functioning, real relationships. To achieve that the knowledge transfer is not only a well-sounding phrase but a reality of everyday life.
Biatorbágy Tormásrét utca 1.
  1. Debate on the MIRBEST ACADEMY programme, report on the current state of the work.
  2. Discussion, acceptance of the cluster strategy of the cluster for 2018-2021.
It has been the fourth time the Ministry of National Economy organized Clusters in Europe IV international cluster conference between 30 November and 1 December 2017. 
The aim of the conference is to look back on the latest period of over twenty years of the European cluster initiative. What were the causes in various countries, regions of Europe that elicited thinking in networks, with special regard to countries of the Central European region. What are the main lessons, experiences and differences between countries that define today’s cluster policy? In addition, looking into the future we tried to answer the question of what could be the future success factors of networking, what is the role of the human factor behind successful networks, and what could be the future of cluster policy in the period after 2020!
 The conference gave a great opportunity to governmental and regional decision-makers from various countries of Europe, professionals dealing with cluster development, to exchange experiences and good practices on matters of cluster policy. The Ministry of National Economy invited 200 participants from Europe.  
The lectures and panel discussions of the conference focused on the following topics:
  • From the very first steps until today - How did we start it and why?
  • Success factors of networking in the future - the role of the human factor!
  • SME and cluster policy after 2020, with special regard to V4 countries!
  • From cooperation between clusters to market success!
  • The role of clusters in S3 and in Industry 4.0.
  • The „SHE” factor - Women on board

Annual closing conference, cluster meeting 
24-25 November 2017
Mezőkövesd Balneo Hotel Zsori Thermál

Participants: Business and professional managers of member companies of the cluster, external presenters
In the annual manager’s forum the members summarized the experiences of 2017 and defined the directions to be followed next year 

A summary of the results of our cluster for the year 2017:

  1. Obtaining the accreditation qualification
  2. The utilization level of central agreements is significant, about 80%.
  3. Joint procurement of fuel and lubricants.
  4. Participation in international events, networking.
  5. Adaptation of innovative technical solutions among the members.
  6. MIRBEST ACADEMY educational programme
  7. The continuous increase of the business results of the members.
  8. Establishment of new warehousing bases, depots, investments in progress and plans.
  9. Cross docking service within the cluster.

Our cluster has reached a milestone of outstanding importance, as recognition for its work completed so far, it has received the title of accredited cluster. We are on the right way, which we want and need to continue, in order to ensure the economic growth of every member. Congratulations to our member companies! Joint work delivers results!

Our cluster was represented in the conference and businesspeople meeting organized by the CHAMBER IF INDUSTRY and PTE and titled OPEN4BUSINESS.
We received interesting information on the opportunities to participate in international projects and business relations were established that will benefit our members and the cluster in the future.
A significant number of companies and clusters attended the event from neighbouring and more remote countries as well.
Of the target countries of our cluster possible future partners came from Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Our cluster was also represented in Kaposvár, in the event presenting the activities of the Hungarian National Trading House in support of export.
The main aim of the event is the presentation of the enterprise-supporting activities of Hungarian National Trading House.
We learned about the ways they support the build-up of export opportunities, the establishment of business deals. We also learned about the countries where the Trading House already maintains an office.
We had a chance to talk to the representatives of these offices personally.
We became familiar with the results of own branding by Hungarian National Trading House, its purpose and the ways to get involved.
The materials published in Somogyi Hírlap and Kapos TV are available here:

Helit Kft. Budapest, Budafoki út 209/b.


  • The aim of the meeting is the discussion of IT solutions within the cluster, standardization
  • The current stage of article number standardization, a survey of the current situation 
  • The opportunity of developing Internet service among the cluster members
  • The IT managers of the members participated in the professional meeting.

Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca 1.


  • Involvement of new entrant members in the discussion of shared points, activities
  • Opportunity for professionals for getting acquainted, raising of problems
  • Sharing of methods 

Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca 1.

Topic of the professional convention:

  • Meeting of the invited marketing professionals of the member companies, discussion on advertisements, partner review, special offers
  • Assessment of dairy suppliers, suppliers of spices
  • Discussion of price tables

Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca 1.

INVITED PRESENTERS: Zoltán Korona and Dávid Sipos
Topic of the convention:

  • In what stage is the implementation of the idea of a “MIRBEST ACADEMY”
  • Presentation of the topics of “MIRBEST ACADEMY”
  • The matter of obtaining recognition for the curriculum and teaching materials from the state
  • Accomplishment of the availability of the teaching materials on the Web 

Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca 1.

Items of the agenda:

  1. Meeting of the traders of member companies, central purchasing
  2. Discussion of the marketing staff and traders of member organization on the current issues of the purchasing of dry goods
  3. Discussion on the suppliers of frozen pastas
  4. New products - artisan cake
  5. Cluster meeting 


Telki Hotel Globall 

Items of the agenda:

  1. Advanced training for traders of cluster members.
  2. Results and experiences of 2016, plans for 2017
  3. Presenters:
    • Ibolya Görög, with a presentation on business protocol
    • László Németh, chef of Hotel Aquasol of Hajdúszoboszló and Hunguest Group - Current trends and selection of suppliers from the viewpoint of the chef
  4. Cluster meeting: News about the cluster accreditation grant application. Events planned for 2017, discussing participation in the international businesspeople meeting of Pécs Report to be given by: Gábor Danka cluster manager
  5. Cluster membersdiscuss the dates for the purchasing meetings

Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca 1.

Items of the agenda:

  1. The relevant employees of cluster members discuss matters related to suppliers of bakery goods
  2. Purchasing strategy for 2017, anticipated price developments, alignment of the purchasing policy of the cluster
  3. General meeting of the representatives of cluster members

Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca 1.

Aim: Finalization of the date of the professional conference, discussion of the topics, external professional presenters

László Gregorics, president of the development board
Gábor Danka; cluster manager
Zoltán Baráth, managing director of Mirbesz Kft.

Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca 1.

Agenda: Assessment of the year 2016, outlining plans for 2017

Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca 1.

Items of the Agenda:

  1. The presentation of Gábor Danka, Cluster Manager on the current status of cluster membership fee payment

  2. The proposal of László Gregorics to admit a new member.

  3. Discussion of general issues, conciliation about need for incubation help, conciliation about needs for external lectures.

  4. Invited performer: Zoltán Tóth, Elcom Kft.  

Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca 1.

Items of the Agenda:

  1. Report on cluster relationship building: Gábor Danka, Cluster Manager

  2. Presentation of the chairman of the development council on the system of criteria for application published for the cluster accreditation: László Gregorics

  3. Invited performer: ICT EURÓPA TENDERHÁZ Kft.: Application opportunities for clusters / lecturer: Erika Matos

Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca 1.

Items of the Agenda:

  1. Report on the evolution of cluster membership figures; put forward by: Gábor Danka Cluster Manager

  2. Presentation of the application plan of Halker Kft.: László Gregorics

  3. Discussion of general issues and ideas.

Location: Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca 1.

Items of the Agenda:

  1. Discussion of new memberships.
    Proponent: Gábor Danka, cluster management organisation (MIRBESZ Kft.)

  2. Presentation of the new member and voting on the admission of the new member.

  3. Invited performer: Koncz és Koncz Kft./Gabriella Koncz, Environmental Specialist Engineer

Location: Biatorbágy 
Topic: Admissions of members and presentation of the results of the search for a gene research expert. Discussion of quality assurance issues.

Location: Biatorbágy 
Topic: Report on the study tour, furthermore, on the opportunities of innovative solutions for refrigeration technology.


Location: Varsó - FRoSTA
Participants: The representatives of cluster member companies and the invited partners.
Objective: Review of the modern manufacturing technology of one of our important supplier partner, discussion of product development ideas. Furthermore, building of personal relationships.

Objective: Visit at the favourite truck brand manufacturer of the cluster members: ISUZU. In the ZANOTTI refrigeration equipment factory. Furthermore, in a logistics centre.
Participants: Technical managers of the cluster member companies


Participants: Leaders of cluster member companies: Mirbesz Kft. (cluster manager), Kedvenc JM, Halker Kft., Baromfiudvar 2002 Kft., Helit Kft.
Topic: Plans raised at the end of 2015, transformation of cooperation ideas into action strategies.  Discussion of plans and opportunities for 2016. Further opportunities for developing cooperation.

Topic: Assessment of the year, plans for 2016, thoughts and ideas. Recommendations for new membership.


Participants: Operative maangers of member companies and candidate member companies, sales and IT specialists, marketing executives
Topics: cross docking, Tracking - IT solutions, Human Resources, Upgrading Warehousing Processes, Internal Communication

Central topic: Energy purchase; innovative solutions in the field of energy use.
Location: Biatorbágy, Tormásrét u. 1.
Participants: The top management of cluster member companies, site and department managers. Quality management professionals and associates in charge of environmental protection and waste management.
Location: Biatorbágy, Tormásrét u. 1.
Participants: Operative management of cluster member companies, executives and logistics personnel.
Subject: Logistics organizational issues, warehouse technology development.
Location: Biatorbágy, Tormásrét u. 1.
Participants: The executives, operative leaders and IT specialists of the cluster member companies 

The 2014 Mirbest Forum was built up similarly to the events of the previous years. At the previous events, we performed a paper-based market research among colleagues and it can be stated with 99.9% confidence that the training/conferences have a tremendous benefit for our colleagues and that they are definitely looking forward to participate in these events.
Target group: the member company management part of the Mirbest Cluster.
Focused on:
- strategies and tactics
- depot performances
- the private label products - in 2014, mainly the ‘Kedvenc Ízek’ was in the focus, but a great emphasis was put also on Kukta
- plans and accomplishments
- a guide to 2015
In addition to the professional parts, its team building character was also a major factor.


Location: Debrecen, Catering and Commercial Vocational School
Participating cluster members and cooperating enterprises:
Participating, contributing cluster members and supporting external partners:
Baromfiudvar 2002 Kft.
Halker Kft.                                                   
Mirbesz Kft.
Helit Kft.
Spilák Kft
Sió Friss Kft
Jégszilánk Kft

MISZ– Luxemburg
The winners of Mirbest Young Cooks’ Olympics I-II. could take part in the 2014 Culinary World Championships. 
Objective: To provide a lasting experience to the domestic young chefs who can become even more committed to their profession.
Furthermore, to contribute to their professional development also in this way. We think that for them, to get to such a celebrated event at almost own expense, is almost impossible, but we have made it possible.

Békés County Culinary Team Cold Cuisine - Silver
National Military Team - Silver
Individual applicants in the category of chefs:
Attila Gajdán - Silver
Tibor Rékási - Silver
Attila Borda - 2 Bronze medals 
Zoltán Mezei - Bronze
Antal Gajdán - Bronze
Csaba Szabó - Bronze
Tibor Németh - Bronze
Cook Arts:
György Krisztián Ambrus - Gold
Szabolcs Magyar - Gold
Zsolt Berki – Gold
Károly Patkó - Silver
Bernadett Takács - Bronze
Confectionery Arts:
Hanna Erdős - 2 bronze medals
Krisztina Kiss-Podmaniczky – Gold                      
Annamária Tóth – Silver and Bronze
László Tóth – Bronze

Location: Biatorbágy, Tormásrét u. 1.
Topic: innovation opportunities in the field of refrigeration technology. Seeking for alternative solutions.
Participants: cluster members and the invited energetic professionals and cooling technologists.
Location: Biatorbágy, Tormásrét u. 1.
Topic: current building expansion plans and the related logistics tasks.
Provision of assistance by affiliates. Temporary storage solutions.
Participants: Cluster members and the invited partner Kárpátia Logisztika Kft.


Participants: Specialists of the cluster founder companies
Topic: Sales experts’ meeting, sharing and expanding marketing knowledge. Introductory cooking of chefs with the products from our brands.

Participants: The competent experts and operative executives of cluster member companies
Topic: Possibility of using environmentally friendly packaging materials; circle of suppliers; current tenders. 


Location: Italy
From among the associates of cluster member companies, logistic personnel and purchasers made a visit at the MARR Group - organized by the cluster - in order to establish new relationships and gain experience.

Location: Mirbesz Kft., Biatorbágy, Tormásrét utca
Participants: Executives and financial executives of cluster founder members
Topic: II. The circumstances, plan and financing of the organisazion of the Mirbest Young Cooks’ Olympics.
Location: The site of Helit Kft.
Participants: Technical managers and professionals of cluster member companies and external cooperative supporters
Topic: Car fleet replacement planning. Requests for and negotiation of bids. Possibilities of logistic cooperation.


The first meeting which was held by us jointly at group level and took a total of 2 days.
Sales training was part of the event, and the purpose of the training was to help the work of trade by further developing it year by year, to maintain our resulting unique advantage.
Target group: trade at group level + management


It has become a completely new and improved version of the Kukta Conference. The two-day structure, the location and the arch of the conference (summary and future plans) was preserved, just like the basic message and the team building character.
- All three brands would be in focus, not only Kukta (Kukta, Kedvenc Ízek, Bovita).
- The lectures of the invited guests / interviews
- The team building games
- More and more detailed sales data and analyses
- But, above all, we were able to discuss the problems and solutions broken down to a forum-like, MUCH MORE interactive section.

Organized by the Mirbest Cluster and the Hungarian National Gastronomic Association
At the event, a total of 6 teams competed with each other. About 80 partners or inquirers were curious to see the talent the young apprentices and the competition itself. The visitors came from the partners of one of the member companies of the Mirbest Group. At first, the event was organized in the territory of Jégszilánk Kft.
Bearing in mind the success of our first Olympics and based on the experience gained there, we set the goal to organize also the second Olympics in 2014.
REVIEWS: On the basis of questioning, the competitors left with positive experiences.
Location: Biatorbágy
Participants: The executives of the cluster member companies and the managers of the companies that will possibly join the cluster.
Agenda: Organization of the I. Mirbest Chef Olympics
A decision was brought about the location in Kecskemét and regarding the October date.

Before cluster foundation, whtn the thought was put together into a plan
Kukta Sales Training (salesperson training) – in 2 steps
Location: Szolnok and Sárvár
With the participation of Mirbeszt Kft. and Halker Kft.
Its goal is to strengthen the sales line - to support and ease their daily work, to give advice and perform team and brand building
Target group: Sales representatives and management (at group level)
Discussion and adoption of the cluster foundation plan